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Putting the Pieces Together

Helping You Plan Your Retirement

Accessible and considerate, Robert makes retirement and investment planning a pleasure.

Making A Difference

Robert credits his personal and professional success to the support of his wife and three children, believing family is the foundation of a life well lived. Robert was inspired to join the financial services industry by witnessing the devastating effect his father's death had on his family when he was just eighteen. After putting himself through college while caring for his mother and sister, Robert uncovered perseverance he never knew existed.

A Perfect Fit For You

When you take a closer look at Robert's life, you see his true passion is making a difference in the lives of others. As a retirement planner with a solid background in tax planning and services, Robert is committed to helping people piece together the important financial factors that brings a lasting sense of comfort and confidence. In putting his clients' personal need and goals first, he's a perfect fit to help them with all their financial needs.

Building Lasting Relationships

Contact Robert today if you want to work with someone who can help you put all the pieces in place through comprehensive retirement, tax and investment planning*. Robert's goal is to work with you for the long term, delivering services that exceeds your highest expectations. Robert's objectivity and independence ensure your best interests will always be at the heart of you plans and strategies.